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Research & strategy

  • User research
  • Usability studies
  • Accessibility
  • Information architecture
  • Product lifecycle management


  • Architecture
  • Front-end & back-end development
  • Custom APIs / integration
  • Security
  • Blockchain

Brand design›

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity system
  • Website / landing page
  • Brand design / collateral
  • Style guide


  • Illustration / motion graphics
  • Infographics
  • Newsletter / email
  • Social media
  • eBook


/ For every stage of the Product Life Cycle


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/ FAQs

Who is usually on a project team?

Depending on the project, our Project Team typically consists of a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Creative/Art Director, and Architects working with our Design Team to deliver digital solutions. We can also call on a wide network of leading professionals when needed.

How do you typically approach product development?

We work in an agile environment. From design to development, testing to maintenance, we iterate and collaborate with you and your teams to ensure progress and clear communication with stakeholders in every sprint.

What makes Tacpoint team different?

Products need to fulfill emotional needs while delivering functions. That’s why we care about how users feel when we design interactions (UX) and interfaces (UI). We understand the value of branding and make sure the product stands at the core of the brand experience.

What’s the difference between Tacpoint’s product demo service and other demo platforms/software?

When you partner with Tacpoint, the stress and hassle of creating a product demo disappear. You don’t need to worry about building the demo from scratch or learning new tools—we’ve got it covered. From strategy and concepting to design and development, we handle each stage in the process and tailor our solutions to your needs. You end up with a fully customized, problem-solving, attention-grabbing demo that will showcase your product in the best light. 

Did you know Interactive Product Demos could generate 2x more conversions?

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Storyboarding · Scripting  ·  UX design  ·  UI design  · Custom development  · Integration · Deployment · Storyboarding · Scripting  ·  UX design  ·  UI design  · Custom development  · Integration · Deployment

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