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Secure action plan for your presentation

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Build & ready your presentation

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Deliver stories & win customers

What a weak presentation will cost you?

Without engaging presentations for your brand or product, you risk

  • Confusing the audience with unclear messaging
  • Wasting brand and product resources with poor storytelling
  • Diminishing brand value and brand trust with bad impressions

Presentations matter. Deliver compelling stories to engage customers with our Design Solution for winning presentations.

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Presentation Design

Design. For impact.

Clarify messaging through effective visual storytelling. Build connections. Leave lasting impressions. Win over customers.

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“We often task Tacpoint to design innovative experiences ... push us on our own design thinking and innovation to move us forward.”

Jessica Williams | Global Brand Innovation Marketing, VISA
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"This was super helpful for our client presentation, and will be going forwards."

Nishu Lahoti | Senior Manager, Growth Strategy, R-Zero

Elevate your presentations now

Don't let your competition catch up.

Step 1

Secure action plan for your presentations

Book a discovery session with us to get an action plan that will help you get everything moving.

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Level up & ready your presentations

Collaborate with us through a 4-stage process to develop your presentations.

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Tell winning stories & win over customers

Engage the audience. Increase conversions and revenues. Build up brand equity.

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/ FAQs

What presentation format do you work with?

PowerPoint slide decks have been one of the most popular formats we deliver presentation designs in. Depending on your requirements, we also work with a range of formats, including Keynote, Google Slides, as well as custom web-based formats. If you're not entirely sure what format might work best for you, we're happy to hop on a discovery call and help you make a plan.

How much do you charge?

Retainers – Most of our clients engage us on an ongoing monthly basis, which provides access to our knowledge and resources in a way that's typically more cost-effective than full-time hires. Depending on the complexity of deliverables, our monthly plan starts at $6,000 (3 months minimum).

Project-based – A project with a definitive scope of work, deliverables, start date, and end date has a minimum level of engagement of $6,000. The total cost will depend on the final scope of the project.

How do you ensure that the final product meets my requirements?

Starting with defining clear design goals and objectives, we follow a structured and iterative design process based on research insights in addition to industry standards and best practices. We keep an open and clear communication with stakeholders and conduct regular design reviews. That allows us to continuously improve design solutions throughout the process and ultimately deliver on our promise.

Who is usually on a brand design team?

Depending on the project, our Project Team typically consists of a Project Manager, Brand Strategist, Creative/Art Director working with our Design Team to deliver winning brand design solutions.

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