What is Sales Enablement?

What is sales enablement? What is included in the sales enablement tool? How does the sales team use it for better sales conversion?

When understanding Sales Enablement and developing a successful sales strategy, you might have a few questions. 

Sales enablement is the process of preparing sales teams with the resources that they need to interact with buyers effectively. Resources include content, sales training, presentation, and product demos that relate to the sales process and marketing. 

One study shows that more and more companies now have sales enablement strategies in place to increase revenue and manage a more dynamic sales process. For higher sales conversion rate sales enablement is a more effective and strategic plan.

Why is Sales Enablement important?

Sales enablement can be a great sales operation strategy for any company. It provides the best practice to all sales teams with various sales tools and resources. It also helps to unify the company's objectives across the sales and marketing team to focus on customer experience. 

 “It is always working with people people who are more likely to buy”  -Hubspot 

The best way to increase sales conversion is to find the right prospects for the sales. Another key factor is that sales and marketing teams need to work together to reach those prospects. Sales enablement helps teams be on the same page and aim for the same objectives during the sales process.

Best practices for sale enablement

The best practice for sales enablement is to optimize the digital sales funnel and have high-quality digital content. For sales enablement tools, a company should distinguish from sales content, to marketing content. Content for sales conversion and contents for closing the deal are considered as sales enablement content, on the other hand, sales enablement content for marketing leads is considered as marketing content. Defining each purpose leads to clear objectives for each content.  

Example of Sales Enablement assets:

Presentation Decks

A presentation deck can be great for sales enablement. A deck with strategic content helps the prospect understand your company’s offer and provides your solution using storytelling. 

Interactive product demos /explainer video

Self-guided or interactive product demos can help to demonstrate your products and show your understanding of customer pain points. A explainer video is also an effective asset to explain your company and solution.

Case Study 

Telling the story is more compelling than just saying how your products or service is great. The case study can show the overall process of the solution and prospects can understand and apply it to their problem. The case study should include the problem, challenge, solution, and result for each target customer.  


Sales enablement is beneficial for both marketing and sales teams, and it helps to aim the same goals for both teams. Well-craft sales enablement assets can bring high-quality leads and conversion. Companies should make sure to develop strategic plans and sales enablement for the target audience and conduct competitive research for a better understanding of the market.  

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What is Sales Enablement? Best practices for sales

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