Welcome to Poppy, a visual system focused on communicating with young professionals, enabling you to eliminate content overload and better present snackable nuggets of information.

When approaching the design for Poppy we looked to develop a system that breaks the normal conceptuality that defines the look and feel of online finance. That look often uses cool colors, safe type treatment, and information overload among other corporate design traits. We aim to challenge that.            

Poppy is vibrant

When considering the target audience for this system we looked to embody the personality and lifestyle of those who will be using it and the audience in whom they wish to reach. These considerations lead to our conclusion that best practices for financial branding might need to be thrown out or reexamined. The transition from radiant red to the subtly calm magenta provides both an exciting burst of color and the sense of security that is expected with financial projects. This is meant to be a reflection of the user's behavior, someone that  can live their life freely knowing that their finances are secure.  

Poppy is bold

While having legibility in mind, we introduced vertical type to the visual system. On one hand, the vertical type style helps to enhance visual contrast in horizontal compositions; on the other, it engages viewers by creating a sense of unexpectancy, as an attempt to battle short attention spans and turn viewers into participants. In addition, we made sure callouts data visualizations are highly visible, giving them the attention they deserve.

Poppy is streamlined

We focused on eliminating content clutter to ensure quality, efficiency, and simplicity. This makes for a presentation that is visually appealing and concise. The intent is to offer snackable nuggets of information, allowing your findings to take center stage.

Starting with a PowerPoint template featuring carefully constructed layouts, engaging charts and graphs as well as a collection of unique icons, Poppy will be a collection of tools, libraries and resources to help you kick-start your brand. Stay tuned for more updates and additional resources to come.

However you choose to explore, we hope you enjoy using it, as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.


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Welcome to Poppy

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