During the sales cycle, a demo session is critical. According to a Gartner survey, B2B software buyers prefer to see video tutorials and product demos in decision-making stage. But can video explain product features and turn them into actual customers? 

Video Demos 

Video content has become extremely popular in B2B marketing, and marketers believe in the power of video. According to HubSpot, 90% of marketers focus on video content.

 And yes, video demos are one of the common types of SaaS product demos that product marketers put more efforts. It is easy to build with screen recording with various tools and is easy to use in each sale and marketing funnel.  

Even though a video demo is a great form to demonstrate your service, there are some disadvantages.

 A video demo is not ideal if your product has complex features, it will require to contain tons of information in a video. And prospect loses interest if you show those tedious and lengthy videos. 

Another disadvantage is that video is not interactive content. Prospects don’t have actual product experience through the video. Then there is no way they can get to an Aha moment, which means they will not be converted as leads. 

Interactive Product Demos

An interactive product demo is a self-served product demo in which prospects can experience product UI and features. The most significant benefit of interactive product demos is that the product marketing and sales team can onboard prospects and drive them to the AHA moment without a long sales cycle. 

In 2023, PLG (Product-led Growth) motion will dominate the SaaS marketing strategy,(Not familiar with PLG? Check this blog !) and more than 50% of SaaS companies have already invested in PLG motion for next year. 

If your team considers a PLG strategy for next year, an interactive product demo is a great way to start. Generally, PLG motion requires detailed process to build a freemium or free-trail model. However, if B2B product marketers adopt interactive product demos as top marketing funnel, the team doesn’t need to go through hard processes for PLG motion. 

Product marketers also should consider what types of interactive product demos should utilize to help their prospects drive AHA moment. Check out more details about types of interactive product demos. 

Interactive product demos allow the product marketing and sales team to understand user behavior, such as the points that prospects spend most of the time, and provide a personalized sale process with this data. 

How to Utilize Interactive Product Demos

Design Demo experience

Before implementing interactive product demos, product marketers and the sales team should brainstorm how to demonstrate the product and drive prospects to the AHA moment. Start validating the selling point that users reach their AHA moment and create a storyboard that tells the product story effectively.

Embed on Website and landing page

Embedding interactive demos is a crucial product marketing strategy as PLG motion. Let website visitors try the product features and UI and feel the product realistically. It also will help PLG motion for some products or service which is complex or hard to build free trial or freemium model.

Convert your CTA from ‘Request a Demo’ to ‘See a Demo’

If embedding the website is unsuitable for the team, then add an interactive demo in the sales cycle. Traditional (aka. painful and lengthy) sales process requires prospects to schedule a meeting or discovery call and wait 5-6 days to see the demo. They already feel exhausted before having a real-time experience. Skip the CTA ‘Request a demo’ and provide ‘See a Demo’ to reduce this tiresome process. Once prospects sign up, the sales team can email the interactive demo or activate interactive demos themselves. 

Refresh Product Marketing& Sales funnel

B2B buyers expect a better buyer journey in 2023. And SaaS products and services should focus more on PLG motion. If the team is still determining where to begin to move PLG motion, interactive product demos will be must-have marketing and sales content. 

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