Some would argue that User Experience is one of the most critical parts in marketing and sales. This would certainly be the case when it comes to experience in the digital world. UX/UI design is also secured to the user experience with high quality and seamless interactions. Research shows that the best user experience would bring more than 40% conversion rate. And not surprisingly, more than 80% of customers do not come back to the website if they have had a bad user experience. Staying ahead of the design curve means knowing the possible design trends for 2022. Let’s see what UX/UI trends might look like in 2022.

Device Synchronization 

Synchronization Across Devices is one of the crucial features for user experience. When it comes to UX this is not a new concept, usage of multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops/desktops, even smartwatches, need a seamless consistent experience between across an array of devices and functionality. UX and UI design going into 2022 should consider the eco-system of all devices, sizes and the various interface environments, to ensure for better Device Synchronization.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

AI virtual voice assistants are becoming more popular than ever. Another Research shows that VUI will be the most common smart home gadget by 2024. VUI brings convenience and hands-free interaction with devices. Voice User Interfaces such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and others, have revolutionized the way developers and designers are approaching UX/UI. Developers and designers should consider the possibilities of this ever evolving trend to and explore what this could mean for the user experience.

Augmented Reality and VR (Plus Metaverse)

Like VUI, Augmented Reality is an essential part of the user experience. AR and VR is especially booming and is already becoming the norm in the tech industry. AR and VR bring new worlds to users with seamless interaction with virtual environments and the B2B market is no exception. The work from home dynamic has continued ensured that business will continue as, well somewhat "normal" and VR office environments have become a new trend. Facebook's Metaverse platform “ Horizon Workrooms app” is proof that companies are becoming more aware of this new working dynamic.

Publish button/ Aron Iker

Motion graphic/Animation/ microinteractions 

Creative motion graphics and animation can be a crucial tool in catching user attention, and it has proven to be one of the best elements for increasing user engagement. You may have already noticed that many websites have adopted this trait to be the primary focus and the source for the main visual content. In addition to that, micro-interactions are trends in UX design especially on mobile applications, and during page transactions. It is a great resource to inform the users of the process and interaction.

Dark Theme/ Dark mode

The dark mode is a key element in UI design. Google, Android, and iPhone already provide dark mode. It became popular in user experience because dark backgrounds reduce eye strain and dryness, even blue light (However, it has not been statistically proven). As for the UI design side, dark backgrounds bring more attention to the element and give a unique and modern image. Providing dark mode will bring more flexibility to the user experience.

Neomorphism / Design by Douglas Ramos

Skeuomorphic/Neomorphism Design

Neomorphsim is defined as a combination of skeuomorphism (a term to describe interface objectives that imitate real-life objects such as recycle bins for deleted files) and flat design. The advantage of Neomorphism is minimal and hyper-realistic. The key elements for this design are a combination of soft shadows and gradients. Neomorphsim design is the great concept for minimalistic design and bringing a realistic experience to the digital world. However, Neomorphism has been criticized as impractical design, UX/UI designers should reflect its limitation and apply to most practical products.

UX/UI design trends in 2022 will concentrate more on interaction with users through the digital world. There are no dramatic changes in the trends compared with 2021, however, digital experience is not just great design but user-centered interface. The border of digital experience and real experience is vague and we all should take user experience into consideration when we design new digital experiences for 2022.

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Top 6 UX/UI Design Trends for 2022

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