Update for the Poppy Wireframe Kit is here! In this version, we’re bringing components to you.

Components are super-sized the building blocks of wireframing. These essential components are a great way to quickly map out and iterate your product experience and figure out what matters. From basic content sites, to complex, interactive apps and more, you could build almost anything in less time and with less effort with pre-built components, muchlike pre-assembled Lego parts.

Putting fundamental elements to work

These components are created using basic elements of Poppy, including buttons, icons, image placeholder, layer styles and more. That means you don’t need to start from scratch to create commonly used UI elements. You can choose from a collection of different cards to help organize your information, or place a video player or carousel in your wireframes to indicate supported content types and actions.

Responsive by design

In addition to a variety of sizes and layouts, the components adapt to your content thanks to Smart Layout. It might be tempting to simply lay everything out based on the existing content, which seems to be the constant among so many variables. But as we know, nothing sits still. Functional requirements could change, and so could your content after all. In cases where you have multiple screens or even multiple user flows to map out, you’ll thank yourself for designing with a “change mindset”. By using adaptive and responsive layout components, you get to make changes fast and without unnecessary do-overs.

Customizable elements

We have nested symbols in the components. The benefit of this structure is that you can customize your components directly in the ones you are using. You will have the flexibility to swap out icons and buttons, as well as image placeholders and layer styles if necessary. Hopefully these components help modularize your UI so you can keep focusing on the larger picture and tell your story.

We know you’re looking to create polished wireframes to present your ideas. That’s why we put just the right amount of styling in addition to the utility of everything. Even though you can further customize the look and feel for the components, remember to focus on the overall story and user experience when you put everything together.

We hope you enjoy using this kit as much as we have enjoyed creating it. If there’s any other types of components you’d like to see from us, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Until then, stay tuned for more updates and additional resources to come. Download the Poppy Wireframe Kit here.


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