How to Build SaaS Product Marketing Tech Stack 

As a product marketer, you will have multiple responsibilities for overall product marketing strategy, such as branding, messaging, survey, product demos, and collaboration with the product and sales team. You might need a Martech (marketing technology) stack to keep up with your tasks. 

However, more than 9000 solutions exist in the marketing technology landscape in 2022. You won’t try every solution to find the best marketing stack for your team. 

Before you start to build the Martech stack, there are a few things you want to consider. 

SaaS Product Marketing Tech Stack Consideration

Define your goals and problem

Before you explore new technology, define a product marketing goal. Ask why you need a Martech stack. Based on your stage, you should determine what parts should be improved to achieve your product marketing team’s goal. Also, you should consider a tech stack based on your product and customers.  

Choose the tool only that you need

There are more than 9000 solutions in the market. Each of them will not fit your product or won’t help you at all. You will focus on your goals and customers and select the right tool for growth. For example, if your product marketing team focuses on customer experience for product growth, you will research top customer experience tools such as user surveys and behavior analytics products. 

Plan how to manage your stack

Before you create your Martech stack, you must plan how to manage the stack. Interestingly, Gartner’s survey showed that marketers only use 58% of their Martech stack because they struggle with cross-functional collaboration with Martech. Once you create a Martech stack, you must plan how to align with other teams. The best way to adopt the Martech stack is to align single technology first and gradually expand the stack.   

Common Product Marketing Technology Stack

Even though there are many ways to build your Martech stack, there are common stacks that product marketers should consider.

Asset creation &Digital Asset Management (DAM)

One common product marketing responsibility is creating, maintaining, and updating one-pagers, sales decks, documents, and digital assets like images, videos, and product demos. Asset creation and CMS (content management system) and DAM(Digital Asset Management) can help your team align with the customer success and sales team keep all the same sales enablement and keep updated content. 

Research and Data Analytics 

The product-led growth and customer-centric marketing are the biggest trends in Saas product industry. And product marketers need to have a better understanding of user behavior, such as user retention and engagement, and you need tools for conducting user research and collecting user feedback. Leveraging the data can help you focus on a personalized customer experience with the right audience and time. And it also enables you to find a better way to deliver your values in the customer journey.


The product marketing role is cross-functional and requires lots of communication and collaboration with other teams, such as the product, sales, and consumer success teams. However, choosing the new technology for collaboration would not help your product marketing efficiency. If your team already has a collaboration tool, you should consider utilizing it rather than including new technology on your stack. Start with your existing tool and update the strategic plan with each team. Once you test the plan with the current tool for months, you can decide whether you need more technology for collaboration.  

Marketing & Sales 

Any marketing-related products or tools can help you build a better product marketing tech stack. But it depends on your product or team structure. Product marketing and customer marketing often overlap their responsibilities. CRM software, marketing automation platforms, customer onboarding(step-by-step in-app guide for new customers), or customer communication tools (such as in-app chat) could save manual efforts. In many cases, marketing and sales technology combined with data analytics and asset management. Also, a Martech stack can include a digital adoption platform for a better customer onboarding process and product-led growth strategy.

Alternative Solution -Working with an Agency 

It is great to have a practical Martech stack for productivity and efficiency. However, adopting new technology can take time and sometimes reduces productivity. Working with the agency and collaborating with an agency team as an extended team can help you keep sales enablement updates quickly and more effectively than handling it with an in-house team. Especially dealing with the new Martech stack, maintaining marketing and sales collateral, or creating product demos from storyboards to launch with the new platform takes lots of effort and time. Working with a professional agency can help you reduce cost, time, and psychological energy consumption and keep your sales enablement and marketing collateral high-quality and up-to-date.


There is no solid answer for the right Martech stack for saas product marketing. The best practice for building a Martech stack is to have a clear objective for the product marketing team. Begin with what you want to improve and what marketing process should optimize your product growth. Then you review the current tools you are already using and research top tools for the area you want to improve. It is great to have new technology for a better product marketing strategy but remember that planning how to handle the Martech stack is essential to utilize all tools to achieve your goals.

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How to Build SaaS Product Marketing Tech Stack for 2022

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