Parallax scrolling has been with us for ages. Surprisingly, it always finds its way to the new year, emerging with original techniques that blow users’ minds and excite designers with possibilities to impress and deliver the brand message.

Thus, the previous year, we saw so-to-say multiplanar scrolling. As users scroll down, they encounter content that moves across the x-axis and z-axis. Some websites even revealed content backward along the z-axis or recreated the zoom effect.

This is a sign that parallax scrolling has become an integral instrument to play with when designers let their imaginations run wild. However, it comes with other advantages as well. For instance, it goes perfectly with all sorts of animations; it underlies the foundation for one of the beloved trends, storytelling, and it may easily rejuvenate even the boring structure.

Therefore, it will stay with us this year, no doubt. Get ready to witness more scrolling extravaganzas. Mix it with high-tech solutions, motion effects, and interactivity to play along with the mainstream. If digital maximalism is not your cup of tea, you may always embrace minimalism and ditch all the visuals to show the beauty behind moving along the untraditional axis.

While building a website with parallax scrolling, remember there is always a challenge. Overindulging in parallax effects makes some users nauseous. On top of that, readability and marketing strategy may suffer. Therefore, balancing creativity and functionality to ensure optimal user experience is highly recommended.

Another issue with the trend is that scrolling on a desktop may seem like a wonderful pastime, but on small mobile devices, it may feel like ages. No one is eager to spend their precious time on that. Therefore, compromise must be made. Some content and graphics must be eliminated to keep users engaged. You may adopt the popular solution of image-scroll-animation combination because it is easier to digest or choose only key messages and use different dynamic effects to make the experience non-monotonous.

In short, Parallax scrolling can give your web page a sense of depth and life that a static website wouldn’t otherwise have. It can also help immerse your user while giving them a fun, playful experience.


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