In SaaS content marketing, you might consider types of white paper, e-books, etc. How about interactive content? More and more B2B buyers would like to know about your product before talking with the sales team, and traditional b2b content marketing might not be enough to amuse your prospects. Plus, B2B buyers expect a better customer experience on the digital channels. In this blog, we discuss interactive content marketing in SaaS and how to execute a SaaS marketing strategy with interactive content.

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is any type of material in that customers can participate in the content. Interactive content should be aligned with your product positioning & messaging and your GTM strategy. The purpose of SaaS interactive content marketing is for helping prospects understand your product values and educate them on how your product can solve their problem. So the content has to be clearly defined by your target audience. It also guides prospects toward trying your product. Your interactive content marketing should have goals following :

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Generate leads
  3. Educate your prospects

The biggest advantage of interactive content is to increase customer engagement, meaning they stay longer to explore your product than when they read or watch it.  

Why does SaaS Marketing Need Interactive Content?

We all know B2B buyer's journey is not what it is like, and PLG (product-led growth) strategy become a more powerful strategic plan in SaaS marketing. It indicates that a memorable user experience is a key to driving conversion, and if your content doesn’t provide some unique interaction with customers, they will never remember your product. Even before they sign up for sales calls, you should capture their attention and provide a unique customer experience.

Also, interactive content is a great tool for tracking user behavior. At each interaction point, you can see what customers are interested in, what is the most interactive element for them, and see the user flow.

Sometimes, B2B marketers only consider content as a TOFU(top-of-funnel) marketing strategy, however, it might not help prospects come down to the funnel. Interactive content should be the full-funnel strategy in TOFU, MOFU(middle-of-funnel), and BOFU(bottom-of-funnel).

Type of interactive Content for SaaS marketing

There are many different ways to create interactive content. Here are four common interactive content in SaaS marketing.


When your prospects are in the discovery stage where they look for some information or solution, an infographic is great interactive content. Infographic is not necessary to generate leads, but it is more likely to educate the audience. As interactive content, infographics can use various types of visual content, such as animation, motion graphics, and click and drag types.  


The E-book is one of the common content marketing for educational purposes. And there are many ways that you can turn it into interactive content. For the best practice, create interactive points that guide the readers to the right topics they are looking for or want to see. You can also consider motion graphics, images, and video for your visual content on e-books and let them click and engage it.

Keep in mind that your E-book should be up-to-date and personalized for your target audience.


Video is a common way to showcase the product value. However, the video itself is less interactive content than any other content. How can you turn it into interactive content? Let them choose the type of videos that they want to see, so they can engage in the selection. You can segment and personalize your video based on customers' interests or needs. This type of interactive content requires a deep understanding of your target audience. Look at the past marketing data and find which information they are likely to see in the content. Video can address your value proposition or your product explanation.

Interactive Product Demo

An interactive product demo is high interactive content that can use for lead generation. Once prospects get information from other content, it's time to showcase your product value as interactive content. One of the biggest advantages of the interactive demo is that provides some extent of product experience. You can build interface click-through demos based on your core features, or provide a virtual experience on the webpage. Interactive product demos can be embedded on your website like the main page so that customers explore your product before they talk to sales or sign up for a sales demo.

A strategic plan with interactive content 

We might think B2B interactive content marketing should be different from B2C, however, B2B interactive content is also for human interaction. Of course, they might have a longer journey than B2C buyers, marketers should keep in mind that B2B buyers also need fun experiences during their journey. Instead of a boring infographic or 7 minutes long explainer video, provide interactive content even on a small point. Have no idea where to start? Tacpoint interactive product demo solution helps you create the best interactive content. 



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Interactive Content Marketing in SaaS

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