The majority of today's B2B buyers, about 70%, research products online and make substantial decisions even before reaching out to sales representatives. This shift to a digital-first mindset shrinks the window for sales teams to make an impact.

Why Traditional Sales Tools fall short

Conventional marketing materials, such as PDF sell sheets and presentations, no longer resonate with the modern buyer. These static resources lack the personalized, interactive touch that is increasingly sought after.

Rise of Interactive Product Demos

IPDs offer a new way forward. These are digital, immersive demos tailored to each buyer's unique needs, letting them actively explore a product. Such experiences provide an edge by showcasing the product's capabilities in a user-specific context.

The Edge Provided by Interactive Product Demos

These interactive demos cater to the B2B buyer's preference for self-directed research, enhance initial sales interactions, and optimize pre-sales resources. For B2B SaaS companies, IPDs strike a balance between traditional sales and a product-led growth model, especially when a straightforward free trial isn't an option.

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How Interactive Product Demos Engage B2B Buyers to Drive Sales

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