Wireframes are guides to where navigation and content elements of your digital experiences are going to appear on screens. Since the goal of building wireframes is not to depict the entire visual design, it is always important to keep things simple. But keeping it simple does not necessarily mean that it has to lack visual appeal. The tools provided in this kit were designed to give you the freedom to elevate your idea without focusing too much on visual details.

When developing Poppy Wireframe Kit we approached it through a process that aimed to explore, define and refine possibilities. This idea was implemented through all of the various stages of Poppy, from its conception to its most recent iteration.


Despite their minimalistic nature, designers can find wireframes, especially low fidelity wireframes, inspiring. They are flexible tools that provide room for experimentation. This makes the creative process more productive, giving room to explore the possibilities of more than one solution to the problem. To us, the first step for Poppy was exploring and testing multiple design solutions. Each phase of Poppy went through a series of design sprints that allowed us to peel back the layers and provide solutions that were both unique and effective. This was implemented from typography to component designs all the way to layouts.


At its core, Poppy is human-centered and also user-focused. We aimed to design elements that were usable, equitable and enjoyable. Usable in the sense of providing a structure that is clear and easy to use. Most importantly, as your product evolves, the usability of the kit can adapt accordingly ; to help you solve, communicate and define specific product needs. The equity of the kit is defined by all of the versions of Poppy leading to 0.4. With this set of tools you will have more of what you may need to accomplish your wireframe goals. Lastly we aimed to provide an enjoyable design that adds to an already functional product. The intent is to enhance how your audience feels about the experience you are creating .


It is essential that we keep moving forward because the product landscape is ever changing. In addition to introducing new elements into the wireframe kit, we were constantly on the lookout for better design solutions for what had already been created, may it be sizing, alignment, or even the construction. By research and testing, we were able to address functional and visual inconsistencies. We believe even the smallest tweaks can make the biggest difference. With that belief, we wanted to keep iterating the design kit and adding value to this visual system for designers and product teams.


We hope Poppy is making your design life a little easier and helping you create the best experience with less time and effort.


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