A legacy system is old computing software or application programs still in use. 

Nowadays, many enterprise products confront outdated systems, and a legacy system can cause various issues for several reasons. It is difficult to maintain or improve the system because it was built long ago, and no one in the current organization can fully understand it to fix or upgrade it, and it is hard to integrate with the new system. Sometimes companies don't recognize the problems of the legacy system, and if they realize the problem, it is hard to replace an entirely new system because it costs a lot. 

Old UX in legacy systems delivers bad user experiences for end-users such as business users and customers. Due to advanced technology, users expect systems or other applications to be easy to use or simple, and they have difficulty using outdated user interfaces. 

UXUI modernization can be a great solution for upgrading enterprise legacy systems without a time-consuming project to rebuild the legacy system. Good UX is highly correlated to business success. Forrester(according to Forbes) shows that every $1 spent on UX brings $100 in return. Enterprise user experience is essential to establish the best user experience to accomplish the business objectives. 

UXUI Modernization 

UX UI modernization means redesigning a legacy system's user interface and experience without building a new system and providing better user experience and efficiency to end users to achieve business goals. 

Understanding user behavior and compatibility of new UXUI in the legacy system are essential when the company thinks about UX UI modernization. End users are already used to the old user interface, even though it is outdated and uncomfortable, and they might resist changes to the new interface. So, quantitative and qualitative research can help to understand end-user experiences, define the problem, and to develop better UX strategies.

Especially approaching the right UX design is essential for this process because it directly influences the end-users workflow and connects to business objectives. Remember that UXUI modernization is for navigating more accessible paths for the end-user to achieve its objectives and business goals.

Benefits of UXUI Modernization 

Great UXUI design can bring positive effects. Here are some benefits of UXUI modernization.

  • Maintenance: Modernized UX/ UI design can be easier to maintain and cost less than the legacy system, which needs knowledgeable technical support.  
  •  Usability: UX/UI modernization can bring a great end-user experience and increase user satisfaction.
  • Scalability: UX/UI modernization allows leveraging the advanced and newest technology, and it helps to make the application or system scalable and reliable.
  • Efficiency: modernization with users’ needs will improve the productivity and efficiency of the organization.
  • Accessibility: UXUI modernization helps people with certain disabilities access and navigate the system better.

Things to Consider for UXUI Modernization 

Great UXUI design in enterprise products or applications can bring positive effects. Here are some benefits of UXUI modernization.

  1. Communication

Before jumping into UX/UI modernization process, communication with a stakeholder about why UX modernization helps the organization is necessary because most stakeholders might not be familiar with UX and might not understand UX's importance. So, the organization should understand the business objectives and have all resources for UX modernization.  

  1. Lean UX -Research, Design, and Test 

UX/UI modernization is complex and requires multiple team collaborations. Considering the Lean UX method can improve efficiency and reduce risks. It focuses on product changes and improvement and less focus on deliverables than traditional UX design processes. The Lean UX method can help to collect user feedback in the early stage, and the agile methodology can help different teams be on the same page about the design problem and solutions.    

  1. Iteration 

UX UI modernization will be a long journey and requires many changes. The process should consider the pain points of the users who are highly familiar with the current legacy system and change priorities of the system based on business objectives and user experience through iteration. 


A legacy system can cause significant problems and provide a bad user experience. It is difficult to rebuild or change the entire system, and UX/UI modernization can be an alternative solution for upgrading legacy systems. It drives better user experience and business success. Understanding end users' pain points and communicating with key stakeholders to understand business objectives is essential in UX modernization. 

Are you looking for a UXUI modernization service? We at Tacpoint help organizations modernize legacy systems through technology and human-centric UI/UX design.


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Legacy System: Enterprise UX/UI Modernization

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