From finding joy, comfort and escapism during what has been a turning point for everyone, connecting through values, laughter and human interactions has become even more relevant for brands. These trends demonstrate that brands should meet the needs of the people by offering more meaningful experiences. And while there are many things that may influence branding trends, one thing for sure is that the future is about showing how your brand lives its values.

Draw in on influences from the past

This trend builds an immediate connection with consumers by drawing on influences from the past that they already understand, like using a thick and curvy font from the ’70s or a cheerful color scheme from the ’90s. In a world where people and nations seem increasingly divided, is it any surprise that we might seek comfort in the simplicity and familiarity of eras of the past.

Less is more

At its core, doing more with less is about making a bigger impact with fewer elements. It’s not about the minimalism design that uses beiges, whites and neutrals with a lot of blank space. Instead, this trend uses the fewest elements a brand needs to bring the maximum amount of expression and personality. Visually, brands that use one or two colors with large and clear fonts are only using what’s necessary to clearly communicate the message, tone and personality. This branding trend aligns with the general sentiment of having too much when we all can get by with much less.

Bright, bold and in-your-face

Overstimulated branding uses visual imagery and eye-catching color to get attention and captivate the senses. This is often executed through the use of patterns, scattered illustrations and maxing out of space. Beyond getting your attention, this esthetic also leaves audiences feeling a sense of happiness from the playful energy and loud colors in the designs. It offers a memorable and positive experience that gives a light relief from the doom and gloom news cycle.

Humanize your Branding

Rather than just being a nice design flare for a logo, mascots bring a strong personality that using human characteristics. Humans love to connect, especially in today’s fractured societal landscape. From social media platforms constantly fighting for our attention to the harsh realities and impact of the economic decline, people are seeking brands that bring more humanity by being hones, authentic and dare we say, funny. It is ok to be human, even if that means pulling back the corporate veneer.

Time will tell whether these trends turn out to define design in 2023. Things can change fast. After all, the use of AI generators exploded this year, and that wasn't something that many people predicted in their 2022 design trends. When it comes to evaluating or conceptualizing your brand experience it helps to have a guide. Start the year off right and get a little help by download our Branding Playbook. Whatever future awaits us, it will surely favor the brands that are willing to take bold chances and push the envelope.


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Have you assessed your Branding lately? Branding trends to consider in 2023.

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