What is Digital Design?

Digital design is a broad term that includes graphic design, UX/UI design, web design, and any kind of design in the digital world. When we go deep into digital design, it is a more crafted design for each interface and considered as dynamic a user experience and interactivity. 

Since digital transformation and interactive digital experience is the core principle of digital design, it has become more sophisticated, and it requires a deep understanding of user behavior and experience.

What is the Difference Between Digital Design and Graphic Design?

Digital design and graphic design share several core design principles such as understanding color theory and both can be for digital platforms. The main difference between digital design and graphic design is interactivity. Digital design focuses more on interactive digital experiences, on the other hand, graphic design is more commonly associated with branding and focuses more on static and physical products, including logo design, infographics. Digital design is more complex because of interactivity, and it should consider UX and responsive elements at the same time.

Types of Digital Design 

Digital design includes several different types of digital products. 

  • Web design - interactive elements and layout 
  • Wireframes and prototypes - UX/ UI design 
  • Digital ads
  • Infographic or white paper graphic 

The main elements that digital design should include are analytics and interactivity. Analytical thinking and experiment (such as A/B testing) help to understand user behavior, and analyzing user engagement also helps to design for better website performance and page views.

Interactivity such as button clicks, scrolling down is the key element to be considered in the digital design process.

Why is Digital Design important?

User behavior and digital experience are highly associated with digital design. According to HBR, researchers found out that digital design has significantly affected human behavior. All the labels and elements in digital experience impact the decision-making process because humans often make decisions by the design and context, rather than preexisting knowledge. In other words, brand images, conversion leads, and consumer decision-making are attached to all user experiences and elements on digital product. 

Providing professional digital design is crucial in marketing and sales, even consumer success. Also, collaborating with the right design team can often lead to positive synergy. Understanding user behavior and designing proper interactivity brings high lead conversion from the website and can be an efficient marketing & sales strategy. Your company should have a strategic plan when creating digital experiences and a well-established digital design incorporated in your website and marketing collateral. Modern as well as forward thinking design strategies are vital to the success of any company and as we move into a new year there has never been a better time to get started.

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