What should B2B marketers consider marketing strategies in 2023? B2B buyers’ journey has been shifted to a digital and contactless process. Especially, B2B and SaaS prospects don’t want to deal with long sales cycles and want a self-served product experience. Also, B2B marketers should adopt B2C marketing concepts such as user-generated content or social media marketing. Let’s check out the key strategies in the B2B industry in 2022 and how we should plan new marketing strategies in 2023. 

PLG  (Product-led growth)

In 2022, PLG, Product-Led-Growth, was one of the hottest keywords in SaaS product marketing. PLG is a methodology that many SaaS companies adopt nowadays. PLG is a different approach to get qualified leads than sales-led or marketing-led. Users can simply sign-up for a free trial, freemium version, or interactive product tour on the website and reach AHA moment without a long sales cycle. It is a great strategy to drive product growth without sales demos, prospect meetings, or onboarding processes. 

Product-led growth requires a well-established product strategy: think about the user’s pain points and how to show them product features and benefits, finally reach an Aha moment and convert them into loyal customers.

In 2023, B2B marketers in SaaS should focus on PLG motion as a growth marketing strategy. Research shows that companies that adopt the PLG increase their conversion rate up to 23%, which is about 9-10% without it. So, it is a great time to take advantage of PLG to increase revenue.

Interactive content 

Content strategy is not for B2C anymore. According to research, marketers think the importance of B2B content marketing has increased in 2022. Traditionally, B2B marketing focuses on the white paper, article, E-book, or webinar, but interactive content video content, or explainer videos, has become a common type of interactive content. Many B2B marketers consider interactive content more seriously because it drives high engagement rate than other methods. Interactive product demos are also a great solution for getting attention from prospects. Especially product tours or interactive product demos on the website have been a trend in the B2B software industry, rather than explainer videos. 

In 2023, B2B marketers should leverage the benefits of interactive content. It can start with an interactive one-pager, pitch deck, product tours, or interactive demos on the website. 

Seamless user experience 

B2B sales don’t require face-to-face meetings anymore. And more prospects expect to get information through websites, online, community, and even self-serve product demos. When prospects have a seamless user experience, they become qualified leads. Sales enablements are crucial for a seamless user experience. Unique content for each funnel stage helps prospects get the proper information and have positive experiences.

One of the biggest problems in B2B is the need for more alignment of the sales and marketing teams and sales enablements. So, in 2023, B2B marketers need to revamp sales and marketing alignment for a seamless user experience. Also, they need to pay close attention to the sales enablement friction and fill gaps in each funnel state. 

Omnichannel Marketing and User-generated content

Traditionally, B2B marketers didn’t consider omnichannel marketing and UGC(user-generated content) for the B2B industry. They need to pay attention to these strategies. B2B buyers are different than what they used to be. They want to gather information from colleagues and communities.

Omnichannel marketing will help brand awareness and a seamless customer journey. User-generated content is also crucial for brand awareness and positive brand image. B2B user-generated content can incorporate video testimonials, reviews, employee social media posts, and guest blogs. 


In 2023, B2B marketing will focus more on high-quality content and PLG motion. We all need to remember that B2B buyers are similar to B2C customers. They expect a seamless experience, want to share their product experience with colleagues and the community, and want to see fun content, not boring static content. B2B marketers should pay attention to high-quality content that excites buyers about their products or services without long sales and marketing funnels. Starting from planning interactive content and product tours with Tacpoint can help to increase revenue in 2023.

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