B2B Digital customer experiences consist of various kinds of digital interactions between customers and business. This helps to lead customers in understanding and having better digital experiences.  A great B2B digital customer experience should not only be memorable but should also convey an instant and seamless interaction to customers.

B2B  Digital customer experience includes marketing content, sales process, quality of products, and in some cases is not necessarily converted to direct sales.

Since the B2B customer journey has been changed to the digital journey, customer centric digital strategies have been an essential part of the B2B sales and marketing process. Digital customer experience has been known as B2C, however B2B buyers expect better digital customer experiences similar to that of the B2C customer journey. Research shows that 76 % of customers prefer consistent interaction with the company.  It’s time to gear up your marketing and sales team, and rethink the B2B digital customer experience.

Key Strategies for successful Digital Customer Experience

Understanding customer interaction in the digital world ties right into the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers. B2B Marketers should see different perspectives in order to provide a successful digital customer experience. Here are key elements that marketers should consider:

  • Set the right target audience - behavioral segment (Device, platform using), Demographic segment (job position , age ...), Geographic segment (country, region)
  • Understand pain points and research their needs and problems.
  • Define each buyer’s journey -especially B2B sales and marketing, it is more complicated and more than 3-4 decision maker will participate
  • Use right content and sales collateral for each stage of sales /marketing

Benefits for Positive Digital Customer Experience

  • Increase customer retention
  • Reduce churn customer
  • Build customer loyalty 
  • Increase sales conversion

Based on customer needs, you can set up a better digital customer experience. According to Mckinsey(2017), improving customer experience in the B2B market could reduce 20 % of customer churn, and around 50% of cost to serve. On the other hand B2B customers who have also had bad customer experience as well as self-serve experience are preferred in digital sales.

B2B Digital customer experience is not just for digital service companies. Most B2B sales have turned into virtual and digital processes since the pandemic and post pandemic era. It is crucial to deliver exceptional digital customer experience. Providing a seamless customer experience and a 360 degree touchpoint should be part of your key strategies list when approaching your digital customer experience. Now more than ever Marketers should understand the customer context and reflect it on the customer experience with well-defined customer segmentation.


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B2B Digital Customer Experience

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