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We are Tacpoint Design and we (like most of you) find design inspiration from our ever-changing culture. Music, art, culture, entertainment, fashion and modern thinking all work together to create the perfect melting pot of forward-thinking design. Here we hope to share, evaluate and be inspired by the various fibers of design that help shape this ever-changing world we live in. So that being said let’s take a dive into something we can all agree help drive our creative minds…..pizza.

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We all know the idea of supply and demand, we like it, we love it and now, we want more of it. Whether it be the newest Apple product, the latest clothing trend or the can’t live without snapchat filter, we usually have to have it before it comes out. But in more recent years there is a hot commodity that is flying off the ‘shelves’…nostalgia. Millennials, Gen X·er and just about everyone is reaching back to find that old fuzzy feeling inside. And while we are all streaming Stranger Things and buying records, companies are going all in on the idea that ‘nostalgia sales’. So who is that latest ‘main stream’ chain trying to find their seat on the nostalgia train?

Pizza Hut, one of Americas most icon and classic pizza chains is tossing out there old logo and pulling a ‘new’ fresh one from the oven….well, sort of. The chain is replacing its current round logo with a retro logo that hasn’t been used in almost two decades.

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1967- 1999

Pizza Hut used the original logo from 1967 to 1999, when it was by far the biggest pizza chain in the world and no doubt bring in plenty of dough. But its market share has been dwindling since, and Domino’s took the top spot last year.

Compared to its current logo, the old version features its red roof more prominently and the Pizza Hut font is bolder and in black. While the logos will be used interchangeably, the classic logo will begin appearing on packaging later this year and has already become the face of their social media outlets.

The most interesting thing about Pizza Hut’s approach to ‘reinventing’ their brand is that they had no official unveiling, revival or elaborate promotional stunt. They simply dusted off their icon logo and gave customers what they have been longing for, warm memories and hot pizza.

It remains to be seen if this will drive profit for Pizza Hut but regardless it is another example of how companies are trying to find their way back into our memories and wallets.

Check out the logo comparison for Pizza Hut and tell us what you think.

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