Build an enterprise product experience for businesses(B2B) to simplify the creation and management of digital campaigns, with minimal partner onboarding and training efforts

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Keep it simple

Optimized Information Architecture

Optimize information organization with clear hierarchy that improves internal and client-facing communication

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Intuitive interactions

Design to scale

Establish a collection of coherent interaction patterns that are easy to understand and learn

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Clear interfaces

Better in-app guidance

Improve affordance of user interface to provide better direction for users to reduce reliance on additional training or support


An end-to-end product experience that streamlines the management of comprehensive information

Rich information at a glance

We created a visual system with a clear hierarchy to allow users to quickly access information that’s relevant to their tasks at hand.

UI sample - hierarchy
UI sample - calendar

Visualize information

Inspired by mind maps, we designed a set of information tiles as part of the new interface elements that aim to transform descriptive information into easy-to-read flow diagrams.

UI sample - Builder
UI sample - visualizationUI sample - layout

Empowering different types of users

On top of intuitive interaction patterns that help users get to where they need to be and accomplish their tasks, we built accessibility into the platform from the ground up to improve general usability.

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A11y - Color Contrast
A11y - UI Annotation for Focus Order
A11y - UI Reflow


Better user experience

The new Campaign Builder provides an intuitive and visual system for creating comprehensive digital campaigns, making it easier to manage dense information.

Streamlined process

With workflow management built-in, the new product experience enables account managers and clients to effectively manage various aspects of campaigns.

Resources optimized

The new platform reduces workload required on the training and support staff as it provides ample assistance within the product experience itself.

What our partner says

“We often task Tacpoint to design innovative experiences ... able to push us on our own design thinking and innovation to move us forward.”

Jessica Williams | Global Brand Innovation Marketing, VISA


End-to-end services to build an enterprise platform that performs and delights users

Our engagement lies in four major areas from Strategy to Concept, Design to Development.

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  • Technology
  • Accessibility
  • Integration & Deployment
  • Maintenance

Start to finish

We turn ideas to results. Our deep knowledge of technology and human behavior guides every decision we make.

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  • User persona
  • Journey mapping
  • Visualization
  • Enablement

Achieving goals, beyond expectations

We go the extra mile to align your business goals with what matters to your customers. Because that’s what real success requires.

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  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction design (UX)
  • Interface / visual design (UI)
  • Motion design
  • User manual

An inclusive and iterative process

Working directly with the individuals building your solution, you can be as involved in the process as you want to be. And we keep things moving.

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  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Engineered to scale

With over 20 years of building enterprise platforms and products that handle large amounts of data, we make sure your digital experience can easily grow with your business.

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