Establish Your Strategy

establish your strategy

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Whether you are leading the digital transformation or executing it, you must know and understand what you intend to do. There should be a clear understanding of where you have been, why you need to move in a new direction and how you are going to get there. Ask yourself and your team some questions.

Once you clearly imagine your future then you can build a plan that gets you there.

What are the company’s objectives? Is there a problem with the cost structure that you intend to address with operational efficien-cies? Are you adding customers, or expanding sales within your base? What exactly does the customer need and want? It’s about finding the “best” processes for your team and defining the “right” practices. Once you clearly imagine your future then you can build a plan that gets you there.

First, use technology to amplify the value of each person in the organization.

Productivity goes without saying. Now you must find ways to enable your people to delight customers and business partners. Competition is fierce, and every company must now take a page from the digital natives. How will you survive? The winners are going to figure out how to use machines to help people be more effective. Humans want to interact with humans when the work they need to do is outside the box. That’s where value gets added and brands get built. Otherwise, use technology to reduce interaction times to nothing.

people sitting in clouds

Second, build a digital platform that can be your foundation for the next decade.

Yesterday’s tools are no longer tomorrow’s solutions. Previously, companies took what was available, off the shelf of technology from the big tech vendors. That left them commoditized and competitively vulnerable. That won’t work going forward. Customers are demanding more, and you will need to build a secure, scalable platform that can adapt to their evolving needs. New technologies are coming quickly, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR and smart devices. You need to imagine how they will improve your man-machine interactions, and prepare for the moment when they can be deployed.


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